sigrid calon

Dutch artistĀ Sigrid CalonĀ builds her language out of pure and geometric pattern, interlacing graphics on every media, in any possible combination. After an academic education and a design debut, she established herself as a visual artist; her work (of almost ten years) is a continuous compositive exploration, conceptually complex, but always aesthetically minimal, and often ironic. Her imaginary starts from a fascination with abstract embroidery: essence and the search for identity emerge in various combinations, on multiple dimensional scales and often site-specifically.

Hers is a creative process of perpetual reformulation, where stylistic coordinates are arranged, moved, and challenged to materialize in the container that will host them, whether it is a square meter of fabric or the facade of a building. Her recent interest is in publishing, which found fulfillment in the publication of "To the extend of / | & - Within the grid and beyond the pattern". The book, in parallel to the bidimension with Best DutchBookDesign2012, Kaleid Editions & Young Illustrators Award, brought her to Artbook Fairs in Basel, Milan, London, NY and LA, as well as to institutions such as MoMA and the Victoria & Albert Museum.

More information about Sigrid's work can be found on her website.