pattern, predictability, repetition

For its first season, 2214 is investigating Pattern, Predictability, and Repetition through the works of an invited group of pioneering artists and designers.

Repetition, as iteration, is fundamental to the creative process; repetition, as rote action, is a defining peril of modernity; repetition, as learning, is a precondition to predictability.

Predictability is the end goal or death of creative processes, the datum against which change can be read, the theme that grounds the variations.

Pattern is the theme and the variations at once. It is a thing predictable at some scale. It is a condition that becomes immersive through repetition. It is invisible until it is obvious. It is almost always invisible.

Pattern, Predictability, and Repetition is an exploration of dissonance and consonance through juxtapositions of content and program: espresso and sculpture, daily routine and performance, office and special occasion, popcorn and pedestrians. It is a questioning of our habits, our relationships with our works, and our reliance on these three words in a system where those works are our livelihoods. It is an invitation to others to answer those questions, or different ones.